Thursday, August 25, 2005

wishing, part deux

ok, after wishing i could teleport, i got into thinking (some more). Teleporting seems to be too trivial, why not wish for super powers instead? It will be so much better to defy gravity, or be able to change into something - or someone - altogether now, wouldn't it? Ok, i know this is really too kiddy, but hell, i'd want one (yeah, shows my "maturity", doesn't it? :-P )...

So what's YOUR super power?

+ + +

On a more "real" note, i would want to wish for a better opportunity to learn (hah!) ... I've been reading up on these great colleges here in the US and converting expenses to pesos, that's a hell lot of money just for a freakin' semester... the again, i guess good education can cost you some. I wish that some rich generous relative will give me the money to get some education while i'm here (thereby giving more time) and give me the chance to learn something otehr than the programs i already know. *sigh* Oh well.

+ + +

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